BITINSCROW Investments Service

Bitinscrow is a global online lending platform which allows you to earn high returns on your investments and help fund businesses globally with Bitinscrow’s dollar and bitcoin denominated loans. Signing up only takes seconds and you could be making your first bitcoin investment in just a couple of minutes. Bitcoin lending at Bitinscrow is completely free, meaning that you will not have to pay any fees.

Interest rates hover around the 20% mark and we aim to achieve an internal rate of return of around 13% for all investors. No matter the location, you will be able to buy bitcoins through Coinbase, Localbitcoins or another bitcoin exchange of your choosing.

Bitinscrow’s profitable bitcoin lending is the best way to profit from your hard earned bitcoins. As well as enjoying handsome interest rates, bitcoin lenders also have the luxury of investing around the globe, meaning that you, the bitcoin investor, can help finance businesses from around the world for attractive returns.

Putting your money in a savings account means you are losing money. Savings accounts typically pay as little as of 0.8% average percentage yield (APY). There are other fixed income investments that provide a substantially higher yield and you should include them in your investment strategy.

On bitinscrow you can make an average 13% APY on a globally diversified portfolio of small business loans. The difference this can make in your earnings is huge. Let’s say you put $1,000 aside. This is what you will earn in interest after 3 years

Savings account with 0.8% APY: $24
bitinscrow with 13.0% APY: $443
Difference: $419

That means, putting your money in a savings account will make you lose $419. If you think you can afford this, leave your money at the bank. Otherwise try out bitinscrow today.

Build a brighter future with bitcoin lending

With a currency not bound to any region, entrepreneurs around the world can shape their entrepreneurial vision, hereby strengthening their local economy and building a better future for their families and communities. Small companies hold the advantage of knowing exactly what kind of product or business their region needs and therefore manage to find profitable niches quickly and efficiently.

Through Bitcoin lending, you support those dedicated start-ups creating something new, getting into local and international markets and supporting others, by creating jobs or finding new ways to use resources. Entrepreneurs taking up Bitcoin loans are also dedicated to paying their loans back in time. Our Bitcoin lending platform makes sure, investors get to work with trustworthy borrowers. Therefore we credit check all members before completion of their first loan contract.